Sex and the (Bad) Kitty

As a person of a monogamous persuasion (at present) who is in a long distance relationship, sometimes one has to relive moments to remember the passion or joy in that moment. My relationship with Bad Kitty hasn’t been a long one by most people’s standards but I can say easily that I have never connected with another person as deeply as I have with him and while it scares my fiercely independent side to admit it, I’ve never needed anyone so badly.

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It’s Electrifying! My Introduction to Electroplay

When my Bad Kitty ( told me upon meeting him for the first time that he was into electroplay, I couldn’t help but think “Hmmm, very interesting but not my thing”. I never would have guessed that less than a week later it would be “my thing”. I was over at Casa del Gato for the weekend when he asked if he could give me a demonstration of his violet wand.

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Welcome! An Introduction to the Space Bunny.

Greetings earthlings!


My name is Bunny* and this is my new blog.


During the earth year 2012 I had a lot of amazing experiences of the kind that you don’t just post on your run of the mill blog so in 2013 I’ve created this space.


My goals for 2013 are as follows…

  1. To document the key moments that really changed my perceptions and life in 2012.
  2. To document any more of these types of moments in 2013.
  3. To have a platform for my occasional photographic adventures.
  4. To actually keep and update a website for the first time in my life.

Simple goals overall. But then again, Space Bunnies on the whole enjoy simplicity.


Here are the key facts about me that you should know going forward that will be addressed I’m sure from time to time in this blog.


  • I am as of this posting, 28.5 Earth years young.
  • I dwell just outside of the lackluster Earth city of Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • I work full time at a place I will simply call “Planet Doom”. It is not my ideal job and certainly not a career but it is a means to an end at present.
  • In 2012, I found myself dropping the single life and am happily attached to my soul mate, Silver* aka the Bad Kitty. 
  • I am a nerd at my very core and a clever one to boot. I have both a BFA and an MA from each from a prestigious Earth University.
  • I have a bit of a naughty side. I dance burlesque whenever I can get a show and in 2012 entered into the kink community. My current favorite kinks are wax play and electroplay. I’d love to try rope bondage (especially suspension) and I’ve been known to enjoy a knife or two on occasion.


So those are the most basic facts about me. My goal is to attempt to update this blog in some form or fashion at least twice a week. We shall see how far I get with that. This blog may contain posts that are NSFW so please no one under the age of 18.

Welcome to my bit of Cyberspace.



*Names changed to protect the not so innocent.