It’s Electrifying! My Introduction to Electroplay

When my Bad Kitty ( told me upon meeting him for the first time that he was into electroplay, I couldn’t help but think “Hmmm, very interesting but not my thing”. I never would have guessed that less than a week later it would be “my thing”. I was over at Casa del Gato for the weekend when he asked if he could give me a demonstration of his violet wand.

For those who don’t know what a violet wand is, the following information is from wikipedia.

“Violet wands are modern electrical sexual or kink stimulation toys. They are used for the application of low current, high voltage (min 35 kV to max 65 kV typically),[1] high-frequency, electricity to the body. They are most commonly used in BDSM though erotic sensation play is also possible with them.” “A violet wand creates shock sensation when there is a gap between the electrode or the attachment and the body. As the wand is held near to the body, the spark will jump, providing the sensation.”

Violet wands also have different methods when it comes to their use…

Direct Users employ a violet wand by using various accessories which emit sparks for different physical sensations and purposes. These accessories include electrodes made of glass or metal and other conductive accessories and attachments.
In-Direct Utilizing a body contact accessory the person holding the contact becomes electrified to the touch. Any part of the body can be used to pass the arc to the recipient. Additionally the person holding the contact can utilize any conductive material as an accessory.
Reverse Users employ a body contact accessory by attaching it to the bottom subject, which electrifies the ‘bottom’ partner, and then conductive accessories are used by the top partner to electrify the bottom.[4]
Extension Using an extension handle and cable, allows the most net discharge current to pass to the subject. Extension handles are used with many electrodes and accessories.
Branding Through the use of certain condensing electrodes, violet wands can be used to effectively “brand” or cauterize a design on an individuals skin which makes them popular in body modification. Violet wand brands can be semi permanent or totally permanent and are an easy and inexpensive method of “scarification” (the act of intentionally scarring ones own body) often used by professionals and avid enthusiasts alike.

So my Bad Kitty opened his case with his violet wand and explained what each attachment did while running it over my skin on a low setting. From the moment he turned it on, I could tell that violet wand play as a fetish had it’s roots in the auditory. It sounded not unlike a Tesla coil and it would be impossible not to think of Doctor Frankenstein’s lab. I was so intrigued. When I had heard electricity, I had imagined sharp zaps like with a taser or cattle fence. Zaps so powerful that you can feel it long after and your heart skips a beat. I was relieved to find that while this was an option with the violet wand (if set to the highest settings) my Bad Kitty is not into surprising someone with a painful zap.

My fears had faded completely away when he handed me the wand and instructed me to hold it at two points. And thus I was introduced to secondary connection. Nothing felt different at all until Bad Kitty took his paw and put it on my arm. My skin had become electrified without my realizing it and his touch made my skin tingle. Now this was definitely something I could get on board with. The tingle as his fingers ran up and down my arm made me crave his touch all over my body (even more so than I had already begun to crave it). If this was part of electroplay, you could definitely count on my being on board.

To finish off the introductory session, Bad Kitty allowed me to run the wand over him using whichever attachments caught my eye. After trying a few different ones, I got out the more severe attachment that can be used for branding, turned the wand down to half a setting and proceeded to run it around his back. Honestly, if I had known how quickly the marks would show up, I would have taken care to draw something a bit more sophisticated than the random loops and lines I made. Next time I have resolved to draw a penguin as I have been practicing my penguins and the recent news that penguins are into kinky sex has provided quite the in-joke for Bad Kitty and I.

Since that first session, I have been able to have another session with Bad Kitty and the wand. Given the burns I had left him with the last time, I knew my time had come. When the wand turned on, I couldn’t help but giggle. I had missed that sound. When the wire brush attachment touched me skin, I giggled some more. This was and always shall be a source of great happiness for me. Being in bed with the one I love, being gently zapped with the violet wand and afterwards being caressed on my electrical burns (no stronger than a mild sunburn) by my Bad Kitty with some soothing lotion.

And that is how one vanilla little Space Bunny came to experience and adore electroplay.

© 2013, Space Bunny Kink. All rights reserved.

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