Sex and the (Bad) Kitty

As a person of a monogamous persuasion (at present) who is in a long distance relationship, sometimes one has to relive moments to remember the passion or joy in that moment. My relationship with Bad Kitty hasn’t been a long one by most people’s standards but I can say easily that I have never connected with another person as deeply as I have with him and while it scares my fiercely independent side to admit it, I’ve never needed anyone so badly.

So while every time he and I have spent time together has been magical whether sexual or not, my favorite go to comes from my last night in London on my last visit in September.

It was the day I had been dreading for the past 3 weeks of my visit. My last day in my Bad Kitty’s arms for god only knew (or knows) how long as I had officially drained all of my savings and was returning home to no job (at that time, I work at Planet Doom now) whereas Bad Kitty was staying behind and saving what he could but living in London is not cheap.

I’m not an emotional person at all so I’ll be ever so slightly ashamed to admit that after I saw BK on his way to work in the morning, instead of going back to bed, I lay crying on my side of the bed just looking longing at his pillow, wishing he were there.

I could have stayed like that all day long but I forced myself to go out. I needed to grab a few things to give to BK before I left like a card so I went into central London for a few hours to grab some shopping. I got back only a short while before BK was due to come home so I packed my bags and waited patiently.

We had a to do list of sexual things that I had written up so we had plans to check off a few things but I knew that was probably overly optimistic. BK came home and we promptly tried to tackle some of the items on the list. Everything we tried was fun whether it worked or didn’t but what I want to focus on specifically is the sex.

Lying naked on the bed, his beautiful blue eyes sparkled as he said some of my favorite words “Why don’t you sit on my face?”. Despite my bad knees I balance myself with my hands against the wall behind the bed and kneeled above him. His tongue eagerly licked my clit. BK is amazing with his tongue and his teeth. I can get right near the edge and he will bite me and I shudder as I come down out of my orgasmic state, still engulfed in pure pleasure but able to hold on a bit longer. Moans escaped my lips and his. He closed his eyes focusing wholly on the task at hand and I dared sneak a peak behind me. It was just as I suspected, his hands were stroking his rock hard cock as his tongue continued to dance around my clit and inside my warmth.

Normally, I can sit on BK’s face for ages, again he is amazing at his oral prowess so it is an immense indulgence for me to have him so eager to pleasure me. But the second I saw his powerful erection, I craved it. After a few minutes, I couldn’t stand it any longer. I finally found my voice “Kitten, I need you.” (Yes sometimes I call him kitten during sex, don’t judge me :P )

“Alright, on your knees”.

Momentary pause in the story to just sing the praises of doggy style sex. I love it. By far and away my favorite position. I love how deep it allows BK’s cock and how it hits all of the right spots.

I crawl off of BK’s face and onto my knees, gripping the sheets tightly as he pushes his thick cock into me. Every part of my body tingles, my thoughts can only process how amazing it feels to have him thrusting inside me, his hands gripping my hips. I am lost in the moment and in love with the deep connection I feel to my soul mate. There is nothing in the world except for he and I together. We stop and lie together for a moment. I tell him how amazing he is and he asks if I can keep going. Despite my bad knees, I could go forever if it means being with him.

As I get back on my knees I feel the springs of the mattress press hard into my shins but forget it immediately as he reenters me. This time there is more desperation in his thrusts. His grip is stronger and my body responds to his touch. The passion builds quickly, everything blurs and he climaxes strongly. The sensation of his orgasm is so forceful that my endorphins are raging. I am in an absolute fog of joy as he pulls out of me. BK’s legs twitch a bit from his orgasm and I stand for a second only to find I am literally weak in the knees.

The energy exerted has us both exhausted but happy and we quickly drop off to sleep side by side. The sadness and tears will return in the morning when we have to say goodbye but in that moment everything is right with the world and our bond has been reinforced.

I return home with a lovely bruise on my knee from the mattress, a memory that I can return to whenever I feel the distance is too much and my hopes for a future that contains many more days of intimacy with the Bad Kitty that I love.

Have a picture of my souvenir from BK’s mattress.

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Ms. Bunny White

Ms. Bunny White

Space Bunny, sex, kink & burlesque blogger, foxette to @badkittyerotica and #NSFW. Just a leggy burlesque dancer and part time space bunny who is both nerdy and naughty. Read about me here.

Comments (6)

  1. CaptKitty

    One time during our sexual escapades, The Hubby and I were doin’ it doggy style and he rammed me so hard from behind that I bumped my head against the headboard. Felt great on one end, not so great on the other. Luckily, I walked away sans bump.

    1. msbunnywhite

      Ouch! I have a friend who during missionary sex, slammed his head into the metal headboard nearly knocking himself unconscious. Luckily, BK and I are already mildly physically disabled so we are always very aware of where we are on the bed so we don’t kill the moment by wounding ourselves further.

      1. CaptKitty

        You also kind of have to have a sense of humor when it comes to sex injuries. They are a little funny and interesting to hear about compared to the standard fall, slip, and trip incident.

        1. msbunnywhite

          I agree but I’ll take my knee bruise over nearly shattering my skull ;)

      2. Innocent Loverboy

        Am I that friend? If not, I should be… it’s happened to me too!

        1. msbunnywhite

          You are that friend. Thanks for the link. I was very ill yesterday so lots of normal things like promoting the story with the link didn’t occur to me. *ashamed*


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