Happy Birthday to my Bad Kitty

This week contains the birthday of my beloved Bad Kitty I was going to post a letter I wrote to him for his birthday but take out a few things but I’ve changed my mind on that. It will still be an open letter to my Kitty Boy, just one he hasn’t seen yet.

To my beloved Bad Kitty on your birthday:

This is a short and simple letter/blog post to say thanks. At this time last year neither of us could have known we would be at this point. You, in London, a kinky pansexual (stay away from the non-sticks *giggles*) with a passion for uniforms, knives, electricity and cricket. Myself, wandering the US/world, a vanilla virgin (*hears the gasping* yes I was a 27/28 year old virigin…more on why, etc later…stay tuned to this blog) with a love of travel, museums, cartoons/comics and good food.

I have changed so much in a short time due to your influence and it has made me a very happy Space Bunny/Foxette indeed. So here is a brief list of thank yous…

Thank you for being my first sexual partner. I was certain it would be awful giving my complications but it was far from that. How many people can say that their first sexual experience was amazing? Not many that’s for sure. Thank you for the time you devoted to me that evening, you are amazing.

Thank you for not letting that be the end of our relationship. I was certain we could be friends but was also equally certain that you wouldn’t be interested in me beyond a one night stand or play sessions. I’ll say it forever, I don’t know what it was that made me capture your heart but I am so happy that it did.

Thank you for being a patient and kind teacher in all things. A vanilla virgin certainly isn’t the ideal but you were so patient in explaining what you liked about your kinks and I felt so safe in trying them with you. Honestly, I can’t say that I’ve ever met anyone who I would let hold an incredibly sharp knife to my bare skin less than a week after meeting them. You have confidence in your kink and knowledge about it that makes you a good teacher. Now I sit on Saturdays wishing I was listening to the buzz of the violet wand or feeling the blade of one of your knives on my skin or sharing the estim box and doing the cute crippled couple thing.

Thank you for being respectful of my boundaries, especially as they mold and take new forms with new experiences.

Thank you for cutting your trip back home short because I was coming to visit. I had hoped you might but wouldn’t have required it so when I stumbled drowsily out of customs and saw you waiting for me, I was just overjoyed.

Thank you for understanding all the stuff you do about my life, my health and my hangups. This includes my panic attacks. They aren’t ideal at all and I wish they’d go away but it helps to not have to hide them.

Thank you for being a fantastic lover. I know I am still developing the proper skills to match yours. Practice makes perfect and you know I love to practice with you. I crave your touch, your tongue and your cock so much that I ache at times.

Thank you for being delightfully geeky and making me laugh harder than I have ever laughed in my life. I am at peace and at home when I am with you. I am so comfortable and trust you so much that it is a freedom to be with you. We have so many in jokes these days. It really is nice to share my life with someone who makes me so happy.

Thank you for working with me when I get unreasonable. It is hard for me to adjust to life in a partnership especially with the distance but I know a good thing when I see it. I will continue to work on myself and bring the best Bunny I can to our relationship.

Thank you primarily for loving me as I am.

May your next birthday find your Space Bunny/Foxette by your side doing whatever it takes to turn you into a relaxed, twitchy lump of kitty. I look forward to our future.

With all my love for your birthday and every day,

Your Space Bunny/ Foxette

A pic of Bad Kitty and his Foxette, happily in love and licking windows *giggles*

© 2013, Space Bunny Kink. All rights reserved.

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