#WickedWednesday Of peace, vampire gloves and love

Today’s Wicked Wednesday prompt is: Peace

In the evening when I am blissfully located in the same place as my beloved Bad Kitty, my mind swims with possibilities. I am very much a night person so visions of giving him a blow job or getting out the violet wand for some electroplay or just having a lovely bit of sex cross my mind.

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#SinfulSunday Scratch My Itch

One of the things I learned from the lovely Molly’s blog was about the use of vampire gloves in sensation play. I’ll admit her post on the gloves being used during impact play really put me off as I’m really not one for impact play, but her post the next day about the joys of feeling the pins scratching her skin really turned me on. I also realized instantly that my Bad Kitty would also enjoy sensation play with the vampire gloves very much so I acquired a pair. I was correct in my assessment and now when I’m with my Bad Kitty, I skritch him with the vampire gloves until he falls asleep almost every night. It’s something that relaxes him fully and I love doing it for him. I can’t do long nails so scratching him isn’t really an option without a bit of help anyways. About a week or so ago I got a bit of post from Bad Kitty and in it I found a lovely set of metal finger claws. Truly a gift for the both of us (despite the fact that they are a bit big for my tiny fingers) and I look forward to playing with them when we next get together.

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