#SinfulSunday Deep Purple Blur

I experimented with the blur tool a bit to see if I could adjust this piece to not only hide the background images but also pull focus to my new deep purple undergarments which were acquired for me by Decadent Whispers

Click to enlarge…

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24 thoughts on “#SinfulSunday Deep Purple Blur

    • Thank you Dee :) I love deeper colors and purple is one of my other halfs favorites so I couldn’t resist asking someone to get me some purple for my underwear collection.

      I appreciate your comment xx

  1. I love the shadow effect that the blur has created which gives the image a hint of movement as if you wriggling around when the shot was taken


    • I thought that was kind of neat as well. If I had been moving though my camera would have never caught an image like this. It’s fun to experiment sometimes.

      Thanks for the comment xx

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