#SinfulSunday Scratch My Itch

One of the things I learned from the lovely Molly’s blog was about the use of vampire gloves in sensation play. I’ll admit her post on the gloves being used during impact play really put me off as I’m really not one for impact play, but her post the next day about the joys of feeling the pins scratching her skin really turned me on. I also realized instantly that my Bad Kitty would also enjoy sensation play with the vampire gloves very much so I acquired a pair. I was correct in my assessment and now when I’m with my Bad Kitty, I skritch him with the vampire gloves until he falls asleep almost every night. It’s something that relaxes him fully and I love doing it for him. I can’t do long nails so scratching him isn’t really an option without a bit of help anyways. About a week or so ago I got a bit of post from Bad Kitty and in it I found a lovely set of metal finger claws. Truly a gift for the both of us (despite the fact that they are a bit big for my tiny fingers) and I look forward to playing with them when we next get together.

Tonight while video chatting with Bad Kitty, I was reminded as ever to how much I love him and want to be next to him at night, marking his pale skin with the vampire gloves as he drops off to sleep and suddenly I found myself longing to be scratched. So I did (click to enlarge the pictures)…

First with the vampire gloves,
Photo on 3-16-13 at 6.03 PM

Then with the finger claws…
Photo on 3-16-13 at 6.10 PM

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27 thoughts on “#SinfulSunday Scratch My Itch

    • I think so too. If my fingers weren’t so tiny that they fit better I would wear them out but right now unless I slide them almost completely down my fingers, they won’t stay on and I’d hate to lose them.

      Thanks for the comment. x

    • Actually the nails aren’t as sharp as the vampire gloves, looks can be deceiving. Plus I’m into scratching but not breaking the skin so both the gloves and the nails are used for light marking instead of attempting to have them dig in.

      Thanks for the comment x

    • Thanks Molly. There are a lot of factors that take a lot of getting used to but no matter what, I am happier and sleep better when I’m with him. It is murder to be here in the dull grey that is my town stuck in a low paying job I hate but some day it will be over.


    • Thanks so much Mia. The vampire gloves when used with a light touch is just heavenly. I mean Bad Kitty enjoys pain but he certainly can’t fall asleep when hurting so the scratching doesn’t break the skin or anything. Plus the marks are gone by morning.

      Again I would be more cautious of them if you are into impact play as that may be a bit much.

      I appreciate the comment x

    • They are quite lovely. My Bad Kitty put a lot of effort into getting his paws on them (trying them on and the like). I’ve seen them at fetish fairs a fair bit but outside of that not a lot of exposure for the claws.

      Vampire gloves are simply fantastic. I enjoy them and I know my other half is simply in love with them. Thanks for the comment. x

    • I love the claws too. Vampire gloves are gloves that have metal pins all down the fingers and palm. Very ouchy if spanking but amazing when lightly pulled over the skin.

      Ta for the comment.

    • They can if you are into impact play. It’s basically a pair of gloves with metal pins all down the fingers and palm.

      But used with a much lighter touch and they leave marvelous scratches.

    • Sensation play is just the best. I love it so much especially when we tie it in with the electroplay. Secondary connection with a violet wand is like the orgasmic height of excellence in terms of sensation play. Basically it electrofies your skin so what anyone’s touch makes it tingle.

      I could go for some sensation play at present. Miss my BKE’s touch.

      Thanks for your awesome comment. Hope you can get your paws on the gloves and claws soon.


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