#SinfulSunday Perfect Pasties

When you start doing burlesque the subject of pasties springs to mind. Of course the sky is the limit on what you can achieve. As I am under the weather this week I’ve decided to highlight my two favorite pairs of pasties both made by the lovely Lemme Addams.

First we have my pasties with the Silver Kitty cameos. Very handy when one is partnered with a Bad Kitty Boy.


And then comes my Captain America shield pasties which are used in my act to The Guild’s “I’m the One That’s Cool” which is my tribute to general geekery.


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38 thoughts on “#SinfulSunday Perfect Pasties

  1. Your Captain America ones made me chuckle.. Having had more than a magnificent taste of a Burlesque for the first time a couple of weeks ago, I truly appreciate the effort that goes into your performances.. Feel better!

    Pea ~x~

  2. hahaha! my friend Will would love the captain america pasties! i can just hear him fanboying in my head!
    i have to get him to london where the fun is… and get you there too! i miss ya sweet cheeks

    • Thank you. Hopefully this cold will feck off as it’s only a week until my birthday.

      If your wife ever wants some pasties, I have some fantastic resources who do custom work for reasonably cheap.


  3. Yep the ‘Captain America’ pasties are awesome…. maybe you will have to develop a ‘Brit’ themed act and get yourself some Union Jack ones!


    • I love them too :) The act is on youtube but the picture quality isn’t brilliant so I’m waiting for a better one from someone to put on my site. He’s being a bit slow about getting it to me though.


  4. I’ve never worn pasties except those stupid flower-shaped ones to hide your nipple under a nice dress or something (why do we do that, anyway??). I like the Capt. America ones, too.

    • I have no idea why we do that. Illusions of necessary modesty maybe.

      Wearing proper burlesque style pasties is exciting. Especially when that and a pair of panties are all you are wearing in front of people. Oooo and one’s with tassels to twirl are a hoot too.

      Thanks for the comment x

    • Currently it’s online in not a brilliant format but if the kid that recorded it in DVD quality ever gets me the video I”ll put that up on my youtube page. I am both nerdy and naughty ;)

      Thanks for the comment. x

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