#WickedWednesday Of peace, vampire gloves and love

Today’s Wicked Wednesday prompt is: Peace

In the evening when I am blissfully located in the same place as my beloved Bad Kitty, my mind swims with possibilities. I am very much a night person so visions of giving him a blow job or getting out the violet wand for some electroplay or just having a lovely bit of sex cross my mind.

And these things do happen on occasion and it is marvelous. Both of us remain twitchy after sex for nearly a day. I defy you to make either of us unhappy after an evening in with the violet wand and blow job, well practice makes perfect right?

But the most common request I get spurns a deep peace in the bedroom…

“Could you scratch me with the gloves?”

Suddenly no matter what I had planned flies out the window as I reach for my pair of vampire gloves. It is an opportunity to serve the one I love and I treasure that moment. Life has been rather unkind to us both in the past and Bad Kitty can get tense very easily.

I pull on the vampire gloves and reach over and run my hands over his bare back and legs leaving long red scratch marks emblazoned on his pale skin. Everything is silent except for the occasional sound of the mattress as I reach out. My hands wrap gently around his arms and pull slowly downwards. I am giving a massage with sharp metal pins on my hands and he is so happy.

His breath mellows and I can tell he’s starting to nod off a bit so he rolls over so I can scratch his chest and stomach. Occasionally he requests I move to another part of the body as his unscratched skin begins to call for the gloves before I get there. I sit there in the bedroom, a small light on casting a small beam in an otherwise dark room bringing peace and relaxation to the man whom I love more than words could express.

I won’t stop scratching him until I am certain he has fallen asleep. Once I hear his gentle snoring, I take the gloves off and put them away and just look at him peacefully sleeping. If I can reach the light, I turn it off. If not, I wake him gently to take care of it. Then in the darkness and silence, I settle down next to him in bed. My soul is soaring because I am happy when he is happy. While we lie there in the peace and stillness, he reaches out his arm and pulls me close to him and nothing else could ever matter as much as that moment.

Here is Bad Kitty’s arm draped across my thigh as I scratch him.

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10 thoughts on “#WickedWednesday Of peace, vampire gloves and love

    • Bad Kitty does seem to enjoy it. I’ve had the gloves run over me before as well and it is quite nice but I adore that it blisses my other half out to the point of sleep.

      I do recommend them for anyone who likes sensation play :)

      Thanks for the comment x

  1. Beautiful. I love those late night peaceful moments as we end our day together and you have described the intimacy and power of that perfectly


    • Thank you so much Molly. There really is nothing like it in all the world and yes I adore the sex but I can’t live without the moments when we end the day together. I wake up some mornings and he has rolled to his side of the bed and when he wakes up and realizes his arm isn’t around me, he hurries over to change that so when I wake up I am being cuddled. Of course he doesn’t know that about half the time he does this, I’ve already woken up for one reason or another but in my mind that is what makes it all the more special.


    • Thank you for the lovely comment. It’s moments like the one listed here that I think of every night before I go to bed wishing that I had the funds for my visa so I could take my place next to him. LDR’s are so rough.

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