#SinfulSunday Nerd Barbie Doll

Today’s image for Sinful Sunday was taken last August when I was a guest at Konsplosion.

One night while prepping for our burlesque show I put on my undergarments (customized with triforce and aperture labs symbols by me) and took a pic in the mirror before assembling the rest of my costume which really hides all of it (until the big reveal).

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#SinfulSunday Bigger than Before

This week for Sinful Sunday I try to be as sinful as possible while being stuck in bed, horrendously ill. Due to some other health issues I’ve been gaining weight but not one to be pessimistic, I happily noticed that a bit of that weight had migrated to my breasts. I put on a size C bra the other day and it fit! *passes out from shock* So in the spirit of fabulous breasts, enjoy mine ;)

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