#SinfulSunday Bigger than Before

This week for Sinful Sunday I try to be as sinful as possible while being stuck in bed, horrendously ill. Due to some other health issues I’ve been gaining weight but not one to be pessimistic, I happily noticed that a bit of that weight had migrated to my breasts. I put on a size C bra the other day and it fit! *passes out from shock* So in the spirit of fabulous breasts, enjoy mine ;)

Photo on 4-13-13 at 11.41 PM #3

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38 thoughts on “#SinfulSunday Bigger than Before

  1. Now SilverHubby, a devout breast man, is totally distracted.

    Two of the meds I am on cause weight gain. 15 years ago I was an A cup, today I am a D. SilverHubby seems to like them. :)

    • I was an A cup until I gained 30 lbs and then I was a B cup. Oh how I raged at the injustice of that. Then I dropped 30 lbs with a certain medication and miraculously my boobs didn’t shrink. Now that I’m gaining some weight again (lymphedema is so complicated) I was surprised to find it coming back to my breasts. If I ended up as a C permanently, I don’t think I would mind and I’m certain my Bad Kitty wouldn’t.

      Thanks for the comment x

  2. I hope you are ok, poor health does strange things to weight. Hubby put on loads when he had to go on permanent pain meds – it suits him though, as your weight suits you. Yey for boobs!

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