#KinkOfTheWeek “Blessed is He”

The following role-play scenario is of a religious nature. If you find sexual role-play in a religious scenario offensive, please move along. If, like me, you find role play of a religious nature deeply sexual, enjoy :)

My soul feels heavy as of late. I continue to go untouched as I am seeking quality but the temptation is starting to get to me. My urges are complicated by my loneliness. I’m no longer seeking a long term partner, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Attempting to clear my head, I’ve headed to church. The skylight in the sanctuary lets the warm light in and I feel at peace here. I’m lost deep in thought or prayer, I’m not entirely sure which at this point. What is god’s plan for me? Suddenly, I am no longer alone. Reverend Silver has emerged from his office. He smiles at me.

Reverend Silver with the piercing blue eyes and kind heart. His presence surprises me but he is not unwelcome. In my secret thoughts I am his wife, no longer lonely but living a life rooted in spirituality and focused on serving one another as the Bible commands. The thought is fleeting but it makes me blush all the same. “And how are you today Miss White?”

I gaze at him. He looks younger than his age and is rather fetching in his black shirt and trousers but what holds my eye is his white clergy collar. I sigh. That collar stirs my lust deeply. I gather my thoughts for a second.

“I am fine Reverend. How are you?”

He smiles again. “What’s troubling you?”

Damn. He’s seen right through me. I blush again. Damn! He’s seen right through me! I suddenly pray that it’s only my troubled spirit that he’s seen and not my sinful passions. “Honestly Reverend, I’ve just been feeling a bit lonely I guess. I’ve reached that age where my friends are married or having children and I have no prospects at present.”

His eyes sparkle “My dear. Have you forgotten what the Bible tells us?” his tone is more playful and sympathetic than accusatory. He places an arm on my shoulder. “God desires for us to have the best life we can. The commandments are to save us from heartache. But if you are willing to accept heartache then you can go out and be a bit more open in your search for a partner.”

I’ve heard all these things before. It’s never ceased to amaze me how my church has put less emphasis on saving your virginity until marriage instead placing emphasis on the fact that God wants you to have the best sex of your life and quality relationships. Still, it is odd to hear a man of god hint that I should unwind in the company of others, especially given the sexual overtones.

With his arm on my shoulder i can smell his skin. It is clean and lickable. What? Lickable? Where did that come from? No no no this can’t be happening. I glance down. Damn. My nipples stand at attention. Really, one kind word and I get turned on. My shame boils up and tears spring to my eyes.

I start to apologize when the Reverend sits down and takes my hands. I see a flash of something that is almost mischievous flicker across his pupils. “There there my dear. Remember, the answer to our problems is often found on our knees.”

Obediently I drop to the floor in front of him sniffling ready to pray like I have never prayed before. I will pray honestly for the lust to be driven from me, for my sinful thoughts to turn to pure ones and to be happy with my loneliness. I look towards heaven and once again my gaze is held by Reverend Silver.

His hand reaches out and he caresses my face. “Poor poor Miss White. You are hurting so.” He takes my hands “You are a beautiful child of god Miss White but you just don’t seem to believe it.” Suddenly he places my hands on the crotch of his trousers. “You are so beautiful though. Feel what you’ve done to me”. The hardness of his erection presses into my palms. I’m speechless. So many evenings I’ve touched myself thinking of playing with Reverend Silver and now he teases me with his deliciously rigid cock.

He undoes his zip and stands up letting his trousers fall to his ankles. I gasp. His lack of undergarments is a blessing. Just the sight of his erection makes me wet. As if under a spell, I reach out and take his cock into my mouth. I lick, nibble and suck on it as though it holds my salvation. His fingers entwine in my hair. The reverend starts to petition god and as his excitement builds, my lust froths from me like a demon. I taste his precum and work my way down his shaft, eagerly licking while one of my hands drifts into my skirt. My clit throbs as I let my flingers slide into my slit.

The reverend ceases his moaning and pushes me away. I whimper. I need his cock. I want to taste his cum. Why would he lead me this far only to deny me? He falls to his knees beside me. My mind races. Does he already regret this? I feel my heart drop when I hear him growl “Hands on the floor”. Once again, I obey getting on all fours. His hand flips my skirt up. “Good. I see we both want this”. Forcefully his pulls my skirt away and slides his cock deep into me. I nearly scream out. It is the most amazing feeling I have ever felt. I am filled entirely and his rhythmic thrusts are making me see stars. My excitement is reaching a fever pitch. “Oh my god” I cry out. My orgasm rocks my body with waves of pleasure. The thrusting continues to speed up and the Reverend exhales sharply as his hot cum spills into me. The force of it leaves me breathless and my orgasm continues to flow through me.

I turn to sit before my knees give out. “Miss White, do you feel better?” I nod. I feel satisfied as my endorphins soar. “I really needed that”. Suddenly the Reverend chuckled, “I bet you did. Plus now you are blessed for blessed is she who comes in the name of the lord”.

This story was inspired by my Bad Kitty, Silver who is working on a kinky vicar persona at my request. The final line is easily the funniest thing I have ever seen typed when discussing the dynamics of a kinky vicar. I am so happy to belong to such a witty, sexy and kinky man. Also, sorry if I killed anyone’s buzz with the bad pun. It really made me giggle.

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12 thoughts on “#KinkOfTheWeek “Blessed is He”

    • It can’t be everyone’s thing. All I know is this RP idea was super sexy to me and has my other half (who I believe identifies as pagan) up the wall he’s so into it. Thanks for the comment.

    • Thanks. Isn’t it funny how we are drawn to some things but not to others? I think most people would assume that considering I am a Christian and have a mother who has her masters of divinity that I would find this blasphemous. Then we have my other half who I believe identifies as pagan so you’d think he would find this too god bothery. But put the two of us together and these thoughts get us off for days.

      Isn’t life just amusing?

      Thanks for the comment :)

      • I think it’s because I’m struggling with the good Christian that I was, attending a quite fundamentalist church. Then S and I got together and unlocked my inner, repressed submissive and erotica writer (wannabe!). Trying to reconcile the two are causing me so many issues.

        • Well if you ever need an ear I’m easily found either here or on twitter :)

          I’m quite a bit liberal but I do have a lot of religious education behind me as my mum’s dyslexic and needed help getting through seminary.

    • Very true. Lately the submissive side of me has been out and about. I’m sure my switch nature will flip back to dom at some point but for now I’m very happy feeling submissive to my other half.

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