#WickedWednesday Work Within the Bounds of No

When I met my Bad Kitty for the first time, I apparently caught his eye as he invited me round to his for a massage. Now a massage sounded simply amazing but I don’t make it a habit to go around unescorted to someone I just met’s house. He seemed trustworthy enough but if I was going to go out there I had to lay down some ground rules so I exercised my right to say no.

I messaged him back saying that a massage sounded lovely but there would not be any sex under any circumstance. If he was ok with that and still wanted me around we would be able to work something out, otherwise I would spend the afternoon happily exploring London. He agreed and even offered to put a few safety protocols in place so I found myself wandering to Oxford Circus to meet up with Bad Kitty.

Upon arriving at his house we headed straight back to his bedroom where I stripped naked and lay on the bed (after checking in with a mutual friend). What followed was an amazing massage not only amazing in that it was very relaxing and much needed but also in the amount of consent surrounding it.

Anyone who has ever had a massage or given a massage knows that the body gives off a tremendous amount of heat so I wasn’t surprised in the least when he asked if he could take off his shirt because he was getting warm. I readily agreed. I was completely nude on his bed and yet he never let his hands roam on me. Because of this respect for boundaries, I allowed him to take his pants off when he asked. There we were two people who hadn’t known each other long, he in his underwear and me completely nude on his bed.

Now I very much meant no sex when I said no sex but I also knew that having someone who is not a licensed massage therapist give me a massage really turns me on. Deep in my brain I was wishing that he were a bit less respectful and massage all of me. But no there he sat massaging me carefully avoiding my butt and tits or my inner thighs. I wanted to beg him to touch me but really didn’t feel like giving off mixed signals so I lay there quietly until he spoke up. I was quite blessed out but he asked very politely if he could touch me a bit more intimately. My brain cheered with glee and I told him he could. His hands quickly found their way to my breasts. He continued massaging but this time he was not missing a single inch of my body. Now I defy any one of you to have someone gently massaging you from head to toe and not get a bit turned on (remember BK is not a licensed massage therapist so extra murr factor). My brain started to misbehave again. “Wouldn’t it be lovely if he went down on you?” Oh my gosh that would be lovely but it would also be horrendously selfish as I still had no intention of even giving the poor BK a hand job. Plus mixed signal warning yet again! I tried to hide my lust but I knew I was failing.

Then BK spoke up again and the heavens opened and the angels sang (ok so that’s a bit melodramatic). He asked as politely as he would if he were requesting a favor from someone if he could lick my pussy. YES!!! my brain screamed. I believe I managed to say yes while nodding my head gently. What followed was a fantastic length of time involving several changes in position as this lovely man I had just met and had just massaged me gave me some of the best oral sex I have ever received. I was so far blissed out that I put my hand on the wall to brace myself (having moved to sitting on his face by now) and ended up leaving a handprint in massage oil on his wall. Ooops!

After thanking him for a fantastic night I headed back to my hostel for the evening. Fantastic being the understatement of the year!

BK wasn’t phased by my selfishness though as he had me come over that weekend for a lot of fun and geekery and no sex. He never once asked me for sex or to return the favor for receiving so much oral and we had an amazing time. So the night before I left London I sent him a message, this time the boundaries had changed. I had one night left in London and I wanted to have sex with my BK before I missed the chance and is there anything more rewarding than when a no willingly becomes a yes?

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11 thoughts on “#WickedWednesday Work Within the Bounds of No

    • Thanks it was the most amazing time I have ever had. I trusted him completely within 24 hours of our first meeting. And perhaps even better is how it led to our current relationship :)

  1. This is such a sweet and sexy post. I love massages and had quite a few of them, all of which a the hands of professionals. One of my fantasies is to have an erotic massage, preferably with a ‘happy ending’, but if I will ever have the guts for it?

    Thanks so much for sharing this sexy weekend with us :)

    Rebel xox

    • Thanks for the lovely comment Rebel. It was a brilliant time. Hard to believe he and I met on a Monday, he gave me a massage on Wednesday, I came over for the weekend Friday-Sunday, shagged him on Tuesday and arrived home to find myself in a relationship for the first time in many years.

      He is just that good :)

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