#Kink of the Week: My Favorite Accessories

This week’s Kink of the Week is collars!

Both my Bad Kitty and I have collars, in fact I have three! Bad Kitty got his collar from his Mistress where as I started acquiring my collars when I was a mere vanilla teenager. While I am the perfect complexion for a goth, I was just a quiet little nerd when I bought the leather studded collar. The collar was much more suited for a muscular Rottweiler; not a tall, thin high school sophomore but I couldn’t afford the fancy choker necklaces the other girls were wearing. Plus there was something about the shiny points and the black on my pale skin that really struck me as fantastic.

My first collar

I kept my leather collar in my jewelry box and wore it until it needed a bit of repairs as the leather was splitting from the back piece. I then wandered sans collar throughout university and graduate school. Then last year while I was visiting some friends in Texas, I saw the most amazing costume I had ever seen and I coveted it. Or I should say costume design as it was on a comic book character. It was a sign. A new Batman villainess named the White Rabbit stood on the cover of the book wearing a white corset with pink boning that connected to a white collar around her neck, add a white thong, bunny tail, white stockings, white thigh high boots and a pair of ears and that was her. Considering I perform under the name “Bunny White” it was a sign. I needed to find the pieces of this costume!

The Goddess that is the villainess “The White Rabbit” from Batman.

It was only a few short months before I found myself at the London Alternative Market staring a a perfect model of the White Rabbit’s collar care of the good people at Leather Delights. I could not buy it fast enough and wanted to wear it back to the hostel but it was absolutely pouring so it wasn’t practical. Then a week went by and I was at the London Fetish Fair with my Bad Kitty when a spotted a beautiful burlesque-esque collar with blue and black feathers on it. It was lovely and when I put it on and looked in the mirror it screamed my name. I had to know how much it was so I asked the lovely Kyla of Koolie’s Kreations for the price. Oh bless it was just beyond my price range so I turned for one last glance in the mirror before taking it off and then turned to see my Bad Kitty buy it for me. I was overjoyed! It was the perfect costume collar and I was certain I would use it in a show sometime. Later this certainty was reinforced when I went to a sex toy shop and found leather gauntlets also with blue and black feathers, a perfect match!

My beautiful collar from Koolie’s Keratinous

So that is how I came to own three different and each very lovely in their own way collars so that brings me to what does wearing a collar mean to me. Outside of being a fantastic accessory, my collars when I am wearing them put me in touch with my inner animal. I am a furry and have been in the furry community for many years now. Within that community I identify as a fox and when I wear the collar it is a sign of domestication.

It is not a sign that I am particularly submissive while it’s on. I’m a switch so I adapt to the situation I am in. I can wear a collar while taking the violet wand to my Bad Kitty and I can wear it when I want to be forced to my knees. What it does mean is that I have ties to my more human aspects of my personality. I am reasonably more sociable while wearing my collar. I feel more confident and I connect more with who I am with. Especially if a leash/lead is involved. I can be a total scatter brain but wearing a collar and having someone hold my lead keeps my focus. The person holding the lead attached to my collar (as I have mentioned before) is my anchor. They are my partner, my equal and my base. No matter where I wander I will return willingly to the one holding the lead. It is a connection not of servitude or submission but solely of my return and I only return to the one I love.

Plus this Bunny has to work on being a White Rabbit someday ;)

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11 thoughts on “#Kink of the Week: My Favorite Accessories

  1. A very engaging post from a very individual and unique perspective. It is so extraordinary how collars can have so many individualized meanings. The burlesque-esque collar is quite lovely and I enjoyed the chance to see it. Thank you for a very interesting look at collars from your perspective.

  2. Collars as part of a costume can be such fun and come to think of it I see chokers and collars at burlesque shows fairly often and never considered their context. Also very interesting to learn about their use in the Furry community.

  3. What a wonderfully unique perspective! (Something I am growing to love so much about KOTW.) And the feather collar is GORGEOUS. Thank you for your contribution to this week’s topic!

  4. I love this post. I think some of the reason I love my collars so much is because I just think they look lovely when I wear them and what is wrong with that. Individual style is just am much a consideration as the meaning if you ask me


  5. Wow, your collars are really all quite different! The first one reminds me of the collars you can buy in goth shops (obviously) due to the spikes. It is interesting to see how you began to wear it and the reasons behind it. The other collars are cool as well; design-wise they’re very different from one another, and I’ve never seen a collar with feathers before!

    The idea of using a lead to help anchor you into conversation is an interesting one. I might have to see about stealing it, since I tend to be a little scatter-brained too!

  6. I have read your last paragraph with growing interest. How you see the person holding the leash as your anchor. This is so interesting, but I can totally understand it. I have never had a leash on mine, but wearing my collar makes me feel anchored to Him.

    Thanks for a great insight.

    Rebel xox

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