#SinfulSunday Mmm it’s Penguin Time!

This week’s Sinful Sunday image is my sketches of penguins (with some warm up sketches of other animals on the side). Why penguins? Well recently it was revealed that original research on penguins showed that they were extremely kinky little birds but the saucy sex lives were covered up by the main zoological powers at the time. Plus this week I got word that I will be visiting my Bad Kitty in London for our fast approaching 1st anniversary. While I am in London, I plan (if he will let me) on using the violet wand to draw a penguin on my Bad Kitty’s back.

So enjoy my sketch practice (click for a closer view).
Photo on 5-18-13 at 10.59 PM

Also, eeeee less than two weeks until I’m in London.
Screen Shot 2013-05-18 at 9.42.29 PM

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36 thoughts on “#SinfulSunday Mmm it’s Penguin Time!

  1. sweety…
    i read the title
    realize it was you
    i nearly said aloud “oh fuck…this could go anywhere!”

    you really are far too cute!

    penguin fact… there was a type of penguin that died out
    it was as tall as me
    now i have the urge to dress up as cute innocent penguin and rrarrrrrr menacingly

    *giggles* see what you inspire in me!!

    • Glad I provided inspiration. And yes with me and animal references it really can go anywhere :)

      Bad Kitty and I have a whole silly kinky penguins thing going after seeing Greg Proops wax lyrical about them being naughty little birds on our first date. ;)

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