#KOTW Furries and My Anniversary with Bad Kitty

This week’s Kink of the Week is Furries which was my request for two reasons. Number 1: My one year anniversary with Bad Kitty is today and I had planned a blog post waxing lyrical about how much I love him etc and wanted to be able to fit it with a meme and Number 2: I’ve been a furry for ages and people have no idea what or what is not furry so I wanted to cut through the nonsense. Hence, I will be posting twice during this week’s KOTW.

This first one though, as it is my anniversary, is a post to and about my Bad Kitty.

One year ago today I walked out of Camden Town station and into my Bad Kitty’s life. We struck up a chat while we waited for our mutual friend Shalla and so began our relationship. Some people know in an instant that they are meant to be with someone. I definitely didn’t feel like that when I walked away from him. I was interested in knowing more sure but the last thing I wanted from life was a relationship plus while we had some things in common, he was a bit extreme for me.

I don’t know what it was about me that caught his attention but after about 24 hours, I was already receiving an invitation round for a massage. Hesitantly I took him up on it which I wrote about in my blog post about consent and the power of no. I was certainly interested in getting to know him better and getting to be friends after that.

It wasn’t long after I got home about a week later after spending much more time with him that I realized what I had going. I was in a relationship! Heavens me!

Now I know I know what’s all this nonsense got to do with furries.

As I shall reveal later in the week, I have been a furry for many many years now and have a deep love for the anthropomorphic. So imagine my delight at finding that my boyfriend not only was compatible with me in many ways but also purred. Yes my other half actually purrs when he is happy.

Hence he became my Boy Kitty. Then on my last visit my Boy Kitty after purring about London proper, he made a horrid joke. Simply awful. It needed reprimanding. “BAD KITTY!” The grin spread across his face. “Oh I do love it when you call me bad kitty!”. A sex blog moniker if there ever was one so before I left the UK badkittyerotica.org had been purchased.

So what part of our relationship is particularly animal based?

A picture by my friend Sonny Strait of Bad Kitty and I

Well I am Bad Kitty’s foxette and he is my kitty and we refer to one another as such. In fact, I will be at the BBB in two weeks time picking up my new collar that will say FOX on it. And for our anniversary I bought Bad Kitty a vinyl fish from The Dogs Bollox at LAM. Because he is my purring hunk of boy kitty I make sure to keep him happy by brushing him in the evening either with vampire gloves or a pair of actual cat brushes. When he wakes me in the morning for sex, besides the standard poking he meows longingly at me.

He knows how to meow to perk me up and how to growl when I call him my princess fussy cat. Likewise he knows that foxes tend to waggle their tails about, like to seek out food (nearly constantly) and relax in a pack setting. He is very good and making me food and keeping me in good spirits and he is my alpha when he shags me and says I belong to him (not d/s we belong to each other).

So to the Boy Kitty that I love…happy one year anniversary my beloved. Your purr is my joy and I long for the day when I can brush you to sleep every single night. I love you and will always be your foxette.

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See who else is being kinky at the link below and be sure to check back later in the week when I post again explaining my fursonas and the role furry played in my life before my Bad Kitty.

10 thoughts on “#KOTW Furries and My Anniversary with Bad Kitty

  1. Thank you so much for making this request! I love hearing about kinks that I don’t understand, and this insight into your dynamic is interesting and delightful.

    Also: Happy Anniversary and many more!

  2. The insights into kinks I do not share may well be more fascinating to me than those into the ones I do.
    I truly look forward to the next post. I doubt I will come to share, but the understanding is almost orgasmic all on it’s own.
    Thank you!

    • You’re welcome and thanks for the lovely comment.

      There are many kinks I do not understand or share but as long as we all enjoy what makes others happy and fulfilled in their lives (as long as it’s legal, safe, sane and consensual) it’s all good :)

      • It’s all about forgoing judgement and embracing understanding.
        For example … I am a “foodie”. There are so many forays in culinary exploration which, to be honest, I will never willingly repeat. But those forays open understanding in so many ways, that even the most mainstream of eaters will benefit from, in ways that we might never have imagined otherwise.
        Keep reaching for what compels you, dear. And thank you for sharing.

  3. As Jade says it is fascinating to read and learn about kinks that are not your own. It shows just what an amazingly diverse community the kink community is.

    Your Fox collar sounds wonderful, I look forward to seeing some pictures of that


  4. This really is very interesting. I have seen your refer to each other as Foxette and Kitty but only now learned the true meaning behind it. Thanks for sharing and happy anniversary :)

    Rebel xox

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