#KOTW My fursona and the life of furry

Furry: What is it? Is it sexual?

Furries get very uptight about the proper definition of their fandom/kink. After all, furries rarely make the media and when they do shows like CSI show them as having conventions where it is implied that all they do is wear animal costumes and shag in a huge orgy. This is not the truth of what it is to be a furry or even a furry convention. But as is any fandom there is a bit of kink involved.

Starting at the very beginning…I have been a furry for years and years. Way before I found myself interested in any sorts of kinks. I’ve often adored anthropomorphic characters and feeling deeply connected to animals in general have thought of how awesome it would be to be an animal. Working from that bit I found my inner furry.

The first step in this process was to create a fursona. Now a fursona is a furry persona that you use to represent yourself to the furry community. Many people choose their fursona on any number of criteria, some more shallow requirements (I like how the wolf looks) to deeper issues (I’ve always related to the cat). My fursona is a fennec/arctic fox hybrid (which does not exist in nature). The fennec is due to my love of being warm (I can’t move when it’s cold) and the arctic is to have her fur be white as I am pale pale pale. I put stars on her ears and cheek as well as accessorized her with a long scarf to share my love of Dr. Who and sci-fi in general. I gave her a kanji tattoo on her leg and a kimono to represent my love of Japanese culture. Her blue eyes and glasses were in homage to my actual personage. Hence, Lady came to be.

Here’s a picture of Lady’s ref sheet. Done by a Polish lass so she has sunglasses instead of her usual normal glasses.


Then after Lady was designed I designed a maneki neko character and acquired some characters via adoption that I anthropomorphized and made my own. These characters were not to represent me but to be used for story purposes and future art commissions.

I also have three furry representations of my actual person. Not symbols that represent me but actual characters that were designed off of real life photos of me. In order from their creation we have me as a







And these have been used for different pieces. The woodchuck is part of the comic book series I’m writing (ever so slowly) and the fox is used for artwork with my other half who was drawn as a kitty from pictures of his person.

After having characters I became involved with lots of furries as friends. We hung out on Second Life a lot, I met a few of them at anime conventions, and I acquired loads of art and a few fursuit pieces (tail and ears).

So the million dollar question: Is it sexual?

For most furries the answer is no it is not. For most fursuiters the thought of yiffing (having sex as your furry character) is appalling. Full fursuits cost over $1000 and fake fur while washable is difficult and heaven forbid anything get on the fursuit head!!

For others it is possible but deeply personal. I know of married furry couples who commission pornographic art but if anyone tries to use either of their characters, they get in trouble. I know if someone used the characters based off of my personage for porn with their characters I would be miffed. That said, I am staring at a pornographic furry piece staring Bad Kitty and I that I bought from a friend.

So really as with all things there can be a sexual element to it but it isn’t mandatory. You can be just a fan of cartoon anthers all the way up to believing in spirit animals and living as a particular animal. Most of all, it is fun and a great community to be apart of.

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