#SinfulSunday I Make Good On A Penguin Promise

This week for Sinful Sunday, I deliver on a promise made on a Sinful Sunday a few weeks ago which featured under the title “Mmm It’s Penguin Time”.

I am now back at home after a lovely (and far too short) visit but you had better believe that I used the violet wand to brand a picture of a penguin on my Bad Kitty.


And here is a slightly edited image in case you are having difficult making out the penguin (click to enlarge)


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36 thoughts on “#SinfulSunday I Make Good On A Penguin Promise

    • I was very careful with Bad Kitty. We built up the the branding attachment using other less stingy ones and when he expressed a bit of pain with the closeness of the branding attachment, I held it higher and just repeated the lines a few times so as to keep from causing too much pain.

    • You can definitely leave marks with a violet wand. Depending on how high you have it or what attachment you use. The penguin was made on the lowest power setting with the branding tool and I made some nice marks on the lowest setting with the wire brush as well on BKE’s side.

      As for the steady hand, that’s debatable but I think it turned out well :)

    • These lasted a day. The wire brush marks on his arms lasted two days. He’s not played with the wand in some time so he didn’t have his usual tolerance. If he had his usual tolerance, the marks I left last time lasted I want to say 4-5 days.

    • Not permanent at all. Depending on how close to the skin or the tool used determines the fade time on it. The whole penguin body sans one eye that was done a bit closer to the body had fully disappeared in 48 hours.

    • Thank you so much :)

      Curious as to what a violet wand is like? If so, if you are in the UK a lot of the Alternative Markets and Fetish Fairs have people who can demonstrate for you. In the US, some sex shops will let you test a violet wand as well.

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