#SinfulSunday Marking His Bunny

This week for Sinful Sunday I am missing my other half, my Bad Kitty. This evening I was looking at some of the pictures we took during our time together.

This picture was taken early on in my visit. One of the things that makes me a bit anxious when we are apart is that I don’t feel like I am his significant other in the same way I do when we are together and he holds my hand when we are out, or snuggles with me on the train, couch, tube, etc. To help break down this distance a bit, I asked him to own me, not as a d/s relationship but to just take me as his because I will always be his.

After shagging me with his naked cock, he pulled out and marked me as his. After this picture, I ran my finger through the cum on my stomach and tasted its saltiness content to know that I am my beloveds and he is mine.

Click through to see the picture…

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28 thoughts on “#SinfulSunday Marking His Bunny

    • Yeah I’ve had dreams of having the clothing torn off of me but we sleep naked for lots of skin contact and in the morning he wakes me up for sex so clothing isn’t really in the picture.

  1. I completely understand this urge to be marked. When Sir and I were still apart I used to crave that kind of connection. I used to go home from every trip covered in marks he left on me but they would always fade…. and I was always sad as a result.

    I hope this time apart zips by for you both and that you are soon back together…for good


    • It’s definitely one of the reasons I insisted on photos because any form of mark fades with time but photos can last forever.

      Thanks for the wishes Molly. I have the same hopes. I know it’s his goal that I never come back to the UK without having a visa so I can stay there.


  2. Gorgeous sexy shot. I love being marked in so many ways and like you, I like pictures because marks fade and I love to capture that moment forever, to look back and smile. :) Judging my this picture, the idea of marking you turned him on a lot! He made a mess! :D hehe. Thank you for sharing your moment with us. x

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