#Sinful Sunday Tea is for Tease

While on a recent visit to my Bad Kitty we found ourselves in South Kensington getting bubble tea. I was reading the various things on the wall when I saw this…


Needless to say I grabbed Bad Kitty’s phone for a picture and then the next morning I was sure to follow it’s instructions to the letter. Sucking and light chewing brings great satisfaction I find. Mouthwatering indeed.

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16 thoughts on “#Sinful Sunday Tea is for Tease

    • That you do although Bad Kitty adores a bit of chewing during oral. Threw me for a loop as all the women’s mags and sex experts I had read said no teeth during oral sex. Good thing BK and I have good communication skills.

    • I was most amused by this. Wonder if the person who wrote it up on the wall realized how innuendo laden it was.

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