#Sinful Sunday- With Bells On

This week for Sinful Sunday I made the most of a little bit of time alone by trying out my lovely new nipple clamps.

They are my first pair and I am a fan I must say. Combine them with the picture that my Bad Kitty had sent me earlier in the week (no I’m not sharing :P ) and I was so hot and bothered I barely needed any touch at all.

Photo on 8-23-13 at 3.58 PM

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34 thoughts on “#Sinful Sunday- With Bells On

    • Thanks! I got them fairly cheap on Amazon. I like them even if it did take me a few seconds to ascertain exactly how they work XD

    • Thank you so much. They are a lot of fun although I didn’t think through the fact that I live with family when I bought them with bells. It was nice to get them out and try them. :)

    • While I was figuring out how to work them properly I almost made myself miserable. I’ve got a handle as to how they are meant to work now though. Such fun!

    • Cafe au lait spot :) I normally edit out marks on my skin (several are gone from this) but I’ll be damned if that one isn’t too difficult to remove.

    • I don’t edit out all of them and yes they make me unique but I don’t want everyone to know who I am so a few missing markers don’t go amiss.

  1. Love the look of the clamps on you. Myself being a huge fan of wearing nipple clamps they can bring the biggest excitement without much effort. It’s beautiful.

    xxx Miss July xxx

  2. I agree with Dizzygirl, hearing the bells as you walk around the house would be fun and sexy! Also, I’m glad you left the birthmark in, it’s so unique and lovely.

    • I look forward to wearing them around the house more when I get to move in with my Bad Kitty. I’m not fussed by the birthmark at all. The only reason I edit them out is to not look so unique so I’m not too obvious as to who I am. I’ll wear only pasties at burlesque shows though that show all the marks I edited out. It’s just this being the internet and all.

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