#Sultry Saturday-Tying up the Classics

I’ve always had a thing for classic cartoons and I’ve always had a fascination with shibari. Luckily I have amazing artist friends who can help me make my crazy ideas become a reality.

This picture is of Rosemary from Hong Kong Phooey taking an emergency call only to find on the other end of the line is Penelope Pitstop who is in a bit of danger due to that villainous Hooded Claw.

The idea was all mine and the art was commissioned (by me) from my dear friend Sonny Strait. In reality I would quite like to be tied up like that. Can’t I just have a bit of peril?



© 2013, Space Bunny Kink. All rights reserved.

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Comments (2)

  1. Bad Kitty Erotica

    Bad Kitty has a question: If Miss Pitstop’s hands are tied up by that villainous Hooded Claw, how the hell was she able to dial 911? =^..^=

    1. spacebunspacebun (Post author)

      Oh the things that lass can do with her tongue 😉


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