#SinfulSunday New Pretties

This week for Sinful Sunday I show off the corset I acquired a few months ago as well as the new necklace I bought. 

I do love a good sale especially when it has such pretty things. Sorry for the huge shadow. I really need to get a proper camera and a tripod. Hopefully it doesn’t do too much injustice to the new pretties :)

Photo on 10-1-13 at 7.08 PM


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25 thoughts on “#SinfulSunday New Pretties

  1. Oh my what lovely new pretties! I have often thought about getting a white corset but not sure it is me…. but I see this and it makes me want one


    • Oh I have my blacks, greens, blues and reds about but this one was cheap enough for me to take a risk on it and I really do love it. With my pale skin, darker fabrics usually work better but there is just something about this white.

    • Come on! You are too pretty as it is! A corset would kill us. (You don’t need a waist trainer for your figure so you should be able to get a fashion corset cheap). xx

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