Sultry Saturday-Find Your Reason

In my humble opinion there are many reasons to get screened for breast cancer. Especially in my case. Breast cancer when found early enough can be very treatable sometimes even without chemo. This is something that is crucial to me because as I am certain you are unaware, I am deathly allergic to chemo.

“What a strange allergy?” you are probably saying. Or perhaps you skipped right to the more obvious question, “How do you know?”.

I know because I had a very very very rare cancer and the tumor was quite large. In fact it was the size of a sheet of copy paper. Blessedly it was an unusual tumor that doesn’t metastasize so it didn’t spread all over while growing that big. But in an attempt to shrink it before surgery, I tried a child’s dose of chemotherapy. I was perfectly fine and couldn’t believe how easy chemo was for 48 hours. Then I took a sip of water and my jaw exploded. Ok it didn’t actually explode but it sure felt like it did. Calls to the doctor lead to pain killers and everyone knew it was serious when I was sent home with a bottle of morphine that didn’t even touch the pain. I was hospitalized the next week and after that we never tried chemo again.

So yes…regular breast checks and mammograms are important for many reasons. I’m only 29 and I’ve had a mammogram for a suspicious lump before (all fine, that god). Whether you enjoy the aesthetic of your breasts, are allergic to chemo, are afraid of not being there for your kids, whatever. Just find your reason to ensure you get checked regularly.

As for me, while a chemo allergy is a good reason I prefer to have my main reason be my fantasies. Without both of my fantastic breasts, how will I be able to make my suspension fantasy with nipple weights come true? I think about it so much that I had a friend draw my fantasy so here is my Bad Kitty shagging me in suspension bondage while my fantastic breasts hold up a weight between them.


That’s my reason. Find yours.


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8 thoughts on “Sultry Saturday-Find Your Reason

    • It was unreasonably rough and definitely increases my fear of cancer. As for the tumor…I had surgery to remove it and have some permanent issues but the tumor fuss has been done for about 7 years.

    • It is a hell of an experience. So glad you didn’t have the same reaction. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone at all especially not at such a rough time in one’s life.

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