#SinfulSunday- Come Bite Me

Just choose a place and bite down.


Today I am showing off twice as much. This picture was taken on the new camera I got for christmas (yay!) so I had to show off the difference between it and my old camera. Also highlighted here is the new cape I have purchased from lovely creator of kinky clothing Koolies Kreations. Alas it doesn’t fit with the theme of panties but maybe if I can get properly shaved, my next Sinful Sunday can ;)

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31 thoughts on “#SinfulSunday- Come Bite Me

    • Thanks :) Depends on the strength of the bite and where. Bad Kitty is the only one that gets to bite in certain places but I’m rather tall so I have a lot of room for bites ;)

    • It sure is. I recall my Bad Kitty biting my neck so hard once that I was just about to make him stop when he stopped on his own. I was flying after that and the bruise was amazing!

    • Thanks so much! I have loved this cape since the second I saw it’s match at LAM when I was last in London. I told K then and there that I would be buying that cape from her the second that I got a job again. Unfortunately b/c of the holidays it took me over a month of work to get all my bills sorted to where I could afford it but now it’s mine. BKE has a cape as well with a red lining…we must wander the earth as kinky Sith lords some night. *chuckles*

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