Morning Sex

ILB has been requesting that I write at some point in detail about sex I’ve had. Seeing as this is my Bad Kitty‘s birthday month I thought it might be a good idea to reminisce a bit about some of our super sexy times so here goes.

I slowly start to wake up when I feel his gentle prodding. Even though I am not a morning person at all, my Bad Kitty is in the terms that he generally wakes up rather horny. His erection gently pokes me in the back and when he becomes aware I’m awake he cuddles close to me and mews. (Yes…my SO mews like a cat…get over it). I pretend I’m fussed and sigh “Oh do let me brush my teeth first”. I crawl out of bed and pop to the loo. When I return he is still rock hard and is playing with himself. He grins. I climb in bed and he takes my hand and pushes it to his cock. I slowly start to caress his cock pausing only to grab his hand and put it on my pussy. No sense in his being all worked up if I’m not there as well. It doesn’t take much before I am dripping with excitement but my Bad Kitty makes me wait. He takes my hand off of his cock and we kiss deeply and cuddle for a moment.

“Why don’t you suck my cock?” he asks, reading my thoughts (he’s quite good at that). I pull my unbrushed hair back and take his cock in my mouth. I gently nip, suck, lick and run my teeth over the head and first inch of his cock while slowly stroking his shaft with that hand that isn’t holding me up. I can taste the first drips of his salty precum and it is delicious. Some women worry about men cumming in their mouth without warning but I can just suck his cock with ease because when he gets past a certain level of excitement, he has orders for me.

“On your knees”.

I rush excitedly to the edge of the bed and get on my knees while he gets out of bed and stands behind me. We are fluid bonded and I’m infertile so there is no fussing about with a condom. I grip the sheets as he puts his hands on my hips and drives his thick cock into me. I have a condition which makes me very tight so the friction of his cock over my gspot is amazing. Waves of bliss sweep over me and the world becomes fuzzy. There is only my face in the sheets, my pleasure, his lusty grabs and his cock. As he pounds into me I can barely contain myself “Oh god!” I moan as he in his evil kitty way says “God has nothing to do with this”. That blasphemer.

His pace starts to speed up as his arousal races to the peak. My orgasm starts and very inconveniently (due to the issue that keeps me tight mentioned above) pushes his cock right out of me. He barely misses a beat as his pushes it back in. My head is swimming in endorphins. His thrusts reach a fever point when he pulls his cock out and cums a generous amount all over my back and ass. He reaches for the camera, I love looking at shots of his cum on me. Then as he walks to get a tissue for clean up, I cannot resist but reach back and dip my finger in his cum and taste it. He is delicious and I tell him so after the clean up. He climbs back into bed and takes me in his arms and we cuddle and doze off until we need to properly start the day.

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I was going to do this weeks prompt because it means a lot to me but this is the entry that wrote itself in a way instead.

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