#SinfulSunday Before Work Scandal

Work has been overwhelming lately (over 50 hours a week now) but sometimes a girl just needs to take care of some urges. Although given how tired I was after this picture was taken, I need to limit orgasms to after work time. Still I made a nice video after taking the picture for my beloved.

It’s not a brilliant picture quality wise b/c it’s with my webcam. I have this beautiful camera and no time to get to know it properly. Luckily, I have some time off in a month.
Photo on 2-3-14 at 1.20 PM

Special thanks to Beck for selling me this fantastic glass dildo.

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2 thoughts on “#SinfulSunday Before Work Scandal

  1. Even in a 50 hour work week time for orgasms is still vital! Love the fact you are just in a snugly warm jumper, fits perfectly with the idea of ‘captured time’


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