#SinfulSunday All His

Today I finally have an entire weekend off and there is no one at home except for my pets. In addition to having things to get done, I promised my beloved Bad Kitty a bit of scandal on Skype because it had been awhile since I was able to be properly scandalous with him. While using my iGino and glass dildo I pleasured myself while he watched. He has been known to snap a few pictures during our chats of particularly funny moments or when I look particularly attractive. I must say though that I didn’t know he took this picture. However once I got on my knees I heard him purr “mine all mine”. I can’t fully express how much his taking ownership of me with his words turns me on. We belong to and with one another and I love being his so I enjoy this picture even though I’m normally a bit critical of how I look from this angle.

Video call snapshot 35

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