Oh Space Bunny…wherefore art thou?

Life got overly crazy there and when that happens sometimes things fall by the wayside. It’s very hard to be sinful or even find the time to write anything when you are working over 50 hours a week and are starting to suffer health wise for it.

Luckily my parents came to the rescue and sent for the Space Bunny to visit them in their new digs in the land of Oz. However, because of this said job let go of my contract and once again I am a Space Bunny without an income. Oh well, can’t see I didn’t see some drama coming and I am finically stable for quite a while so something will come round again.

There are hopefully going to be some big updates and changes to the blog. It will still be the usual scandal only heightened with more Sinful Sundays (especially once I figure out how to use my new camera properly), more tales of Bad Kitty and I (he’s visiting in less than a month) and a whole new journal layout that I am trying to suss out by a series of trial and error.

I even have a mascot. My own little Space Bunny who can stand as me as I will no longer be showing my face on the blog until an undetermined date far in the future.

So bear with me please. The sexy scandal will return again. June holds a lot of good things. Not only is there the visit from my beloved Bad Kitty but I am also performing my burlesque again. Stay tuned. This space isn’t dead…it’s only been hibernating.

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