SinfulSunday- Ready for Inspection

After a long hiatus I am back and I promise more updates to come and hopefully a whole new look for the site if I can remember how to do what I want it to.

This week I was looking through my stuff in preparation for my beloved Bad Kitty’s visit in a hair over 3 weeks. Naturally I fell upon one of my military issue shirts and my Kitty loves a lass in uniform.

I was skyping with my BK so I snuck into my closet and put it on. He seems quite taken with my increased breast size. I don’t know. What do you make of them upon inspection?

Photo on 5-10-14 at 7.43 PM #2

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31 thoughts on “SinfulSunday- Ready for Inspection

    • Aww thank you Ruby. Couldn’t resist some nudity after he’s been held hostage at his parents house for a month.

    • :) I know the feeling. My fiance and I are uniform fetishists. I wasn’t hugely into them but he looks amazing in them and he loves when I put one on :)

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