#SinfulSunday – BIG ANNOUNCEMENT & Waxy Goodness

Once again the prodigal bunny returns to her poor neglected blog. This time life brought me all sorts of travels and house guest and craziness. But a wee more detail on that in a second. First of all, my blog will be sharing its name with a webcomic now. Two of my close friends really adored the name Space Bunny Kink and asked if I thought it would be ok for them to write an anthropomorphic 18+ webcomic featuring the adventures of a Space Bunny named Kink. Weirdly enough I have been working on branding this site with a little space bunny that looks like me, wavy hair and glasses wise mainly and when they showed up with the art there were several similarities to that character but definitely a few differences (my space bunny doesn’t wear clothing for one). They are still working on getting their website up and running but if you want to see the first strip check out http://www.spacebunnykink.com (I’m spacebunnykink.net).

Finally on to Sinful Sunday. One of my guests who came to visit during my time away was my fiancĂ©, my beloved Bad Kitty. We had a deliciously sinful time that was far too short before he had to go back to the UK but we got some nice kinky times in and did a lot of bonding. One of the things we did was experiment more with wax play using a slow cooker and some different candles than usual. Now he is going to display his skills with the slow cooker on his blog one of these days but I will say that the new candles we tried were delightful. They didn’t burn nearly as hot as the ones we usually use but they were hot enough to have that delicious pain element. I bought them from The Bondage Man whom display their goods regularly at the BBB. This patch covered my entire left shoulder and was very big. Unfortunately I shifted a bit so it cracked and it’s hard to tell the scale. Still enjoy the colors.

Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 7.32.43 PM

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26 thoughts on “#SinfulSunday – BIG ANNOUNCEMENT & Waxy Goodness

  1. Yay, lovely to see you back in your blog. I am so glad you two had a great time together, not that it was in any doubt mind you ;)

    We have candles from The Bondage Man too, I like them because the colour runs all the way through but you are right, they don’t have that sting of heat


    • They are very nice candles and they don’t set off my weird nerve issues in my lower body like standard colors. Glad to be back. Hoping I can post more regularly once again now that the madness has died down.

    • Thanks so much. I would highly recommend those candles. Even with shipping from the UK they arrived looking fantastic :)

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