#KOTW Electroplay….I love the sound of electricity in the evening

This week’s Kink of the Week is Electroplay.

I have written an entry on electroplay before but there is no time like the present to write a bit more :) But if you want to read about my introduction to electroplay and the glories of a violet wand then please go read my entry “It’s Electrifying! My Introduction to Electroplay“. And yes this is me begging you to read that entry as I think you will find it overwhelming relevant to the topic at hand :) Also be sure to check out my Bad Kitty’s post on Electroplay as well to see what we usually play with.

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#KOTW My fursona and the life of furry

Furry: What is it? Is it sexual?

Furries get very uptight about the proper definition of their fandom/kink. After all, furries rarely make the media and when they do shows like CSI show them as having conventions where it is implied that all they do is wear animal costumes and shag in a huge orgy. This is not the truth of what it is to be a furry or even a furry convention. But as is any fandom there is a bit of kink involved.

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#KOTW Furries and My Anniversary with Bad Kitty

This week’s Kink of the Week is Furries which was my request for two reasons. Number 1: My one year anniversary with Bad Kitty is today and I had planned a blog post waxing lyrical about how much I love him etc and wanted to be able to fit it with a meme and Number 2: I’ve been a furry for ages and people have no idea what or what is not furry so I wanted to cut through the nonsense. Hence, I will be posting twice during this week’s KOTW.

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#Kink of the Week: My Favorite Accessories

This week’s Kink of the Week is collars!

Both my Bad Kitty and I have collars, in fact I have three! Bad Kitty got his collar from his Mistress where as I started acquiring my collars when I was a mere vanilla teenager. While I am the perfect complexion for a goth, I was just a quiet little nerd when I bought the leather studded collar. The collar was much more suited for a muscular Rottweiler; not a tall, thin high school sophomore but I couldn’t afford the fancy choker necklaces the other girls were wearing. Plus there was something about the shiny points and the black on my pale skin that really struck me as fantastic.

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