Our First ‘Real’ Post

November 8th, 2018

Hello there, kinky people. It’s been a couple weeks since I set this site up and nothing has been posted, I figure it’s time to get something up and out there. 

At Space Bunny Kink we are working to build an open and largely networked kink and bdsm ‘world’ within these internets. This blog is one of those works in progress, iDexire.com will be its center. 

My name is Virile. Or rather, that’s how I’m known in the kink world. In my various profiles the TLDR of how I would describe myself is, driven, confident, socially happy with a devilish smile, and am an openly kinky dominant sadist.

I’m the nerd who put this wordpress thing together. I really like what I did with the header. If you don’t or didn’t know, the SpaceBunnyKink.net website was once before a blog. We dredged it back up from web archives and restored it as best as we could. It was an enjoyable website.

You might ask why would someone purposely use an old web domain and restore an old blog. Well, the first answer. Archival, historical. Good information and entertainment should stand the test of time. Second, it gives us a good boost and makes our blog easier to find on the internet. 

But what does any of this have to do with kink and BDSM?

Absolutely nothing, except as I mentioned before; we’re (I’m) starting a kinky interconnected world and I hope you enjoy this piece of it. 

As an end note, if you think you have a writing or some thoughts or questions you want shared and discussed with our members, feel free to send us a message.

If you are interested in being an author or an editor and think you have things to say, we welcome you, just submit an example writing and we’ll let you know if you’re added as an Author. 


Just to make sure we don’t leave here without something kinky… Here is a picture of a practice hip harnesses (used in suspensions) I’ve tied to myself. 

Virile in a self tied shibari hip-harness.
Virile in his self tied hip harness, Shibari something or rather. Not sure if the tie has a name.

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