Hookup Photos – Keep it Clean?

November 11th, 2018
There’s a surprise in those underwear. Clue: To the left, to the left. ♫ Hanging to the left.

You are on your favorite hookup app. Maybe you’ve had some success in the past. Perhaps you’re already set up for a date but swipe anyway. Or you could be one of many on the prowl right now, on an away trip or just looking for something to do with a free night. The question we want to answer here is: What kind of photos should you send? 

The answer to that question in reality is: there is no one kind of photo you should send. 

You might be saying, “Well, that doesn’t help much“. But it does if you thought the answer would be a simple “send an artistic cock/pussy shot“. Or something along those lines. 

The same theory applies here as in my previous post. Be true to yourself. And above other things be sure to make photo selections that fit your personality and what you want to put out there to another curious individual. Thinking along these lines will save both parties some time and perhaps a really bad night. If you try and pander a false identity to a personality by way of making your photos more or less PC than you prefer, it’s likely someone will be uncomfortable in a future encounter. 

You might think, “But wait, we’re talking pictures. Why so serious? If they don’t like the way I look they won’t reply or we just won’t match on an app anyway. Simple as that.

This is true to an extent. However, how many people on your hookup app have you liked or swiped on who only moderately caught your attention. Not to mention most apps require PG photos on their profiles. No one really knows if you’re a dick pic guy (not everyone hates them), a shoulder muscle guy, or panties-waste girl kind of girl. Or none of the the former and instead classy all the way. 

I suppose at some point; perhaps earlier in this article I should have mentioned: To be absolutely appropriate and unless you have it on good authority (and at least implied permission), you should never send unsolicited nudes and full crotch shots to unknown persons. This isn’t pandering to a personality. It’s really in keeping with personal boundaries. Particularly someone else’s.

Okay, so what are your recommendations?

Keep to the relevancy of the conversion. As I stated previously keep true to yourself. However, if it seems questionable for you to send a nude it likely isn’t the right time. Remember, it might never be the right time for some people. If that isn’t for you, try moving along and focusing attention elsewhere. 

When you do send a photo. Either because you were asked or you have offered over your photographic soul. If the boundaries of the other party have not been made clear it’s always best to stick with a non-graphic PG13 photo of what you might think is your best feature. Shoulder muscles, that slight crooked smile, those amazing eyes. Most everyone has a simple quality they like in themselves. If you don’t; keep snapping pictures. You are bound to find something you’ll agree with. A face picture is a major plus if you don’t have one on whatever account you’re using in your booty-call hunting efforts.

But what if I want nudes to be part of the deal? How do I  bring it up?

  • Easy… Ask for them.  ; )

Another original writing by @Virile. We hope you found it informational and enjoyable. Either way, let us know below or via message if you have questions and/or comments. 

What are your thoughts regarding cock-shot photos and sharing photos with potential hookups?

Keep it kinky peeps. 8==D~{(.)}

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