#KOTW My fursona and the life of furry

Furry: What is it? Is it sexual?

Furries get very uptight about the proper definition of their fandom/kink. After all, furries rarely make the media and when they do shows like CSI show them as having conventions where it is implied that all they do is wear animal costumes and shag in a huge orgy. This is not the truth of what it is to be a furry or even a furry convention. But as is any fandom there is a bit of kink involved.

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#SinfulSunday Nerd Barbie Doll

Today’s image for Sinful Sunday was taken last August when I was a guest at Konsplosion.

One night while prepping for our burlesque show I put on my undergarments (customized with triforce and aperture labs symbols by me) and took a pic in the mirror before assembling the rest of my costume which really hides all of it (until the big reveal).

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