#SinfulSunday Rhapsody in Blue

This week’s sinful Sunday image is one I sent of the lovely lingerie I had purchased. I enticed my Bad Kitty with photos and then two days ago I put it on while I gave him a blow job. He untied the back of it so quickly it made my head spin :) What a lovely memory for my lovely little blue bit of scandal.

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#Kink of the Week: My Favorite Accessories

This week’s Kink of the Week is collars!

Both my Bad Kitty and I have collars, in fact I have three! Bad Kitty got his collar from his Mistress where as I started acquiring my collars when I was a mere vanilla teenager. While I am the perfect complexion for a goth, I was just a quiet little nerd when I bought the leather studded collar. The collar was much more suited for a muscular Rottweiler; not a tall, thin high school sophomore but I couldn’t afford the fancy choker necklaces the other girls were wearing. Plus there was something about the shiny points and the black on my pale skin that really struck me as fantastic.

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