#KOTW Electroplay….I love the sound of electricity in the evening

This week’s Kink of the Week is Electroplay.

I have written an entry on electroplay before but there is no time like the present to write a bit more :) But if you want to read about my introduction to electroplay and the glories of a violet wand then please go read my entry “It’s Electrifying! My Introduction to Electroplay“. And yes this is me begging you to read that entry as I think you will find it overwhelming relevant to the topic at hand :) Also be sure to check out my Bad Kitty’s post on Electroplay as well to see what we usually play with.

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#SinfulSunday Mmm it’s Penguin Time!

This week’s Sinful Sunday image is my sketches of penguins (with some warm up sketches of other animals on the side). Why penguins? Well recently it was revealed that original research on penguins showed that they were extremely kinky little birds but the saucy sex lives were covered up by the main zoological powers at the time. Plus this week I got word that I will be visiting my Bad Kitty in London for our fast approaching 1st anniversary. While I am in London, I plan (if he will let me) on using the violet wand to draw a penguin on my Bad Kitty’s back.

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#WickedWednesday Of peace, vampire gloves and love

Today’s Wicked Wednesday prompt is: Peace

In the evening when I am blissfully located in the same place as my beloved Bad Kitty, my mind swims with possibilities. I am very much a night person so visions of giving him a blow job or getting out the violet wand for some electroplay or just having a lovely bit of sex cross my mind.

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