#WickedWednesday Work Within the Bounds of No

When I met my Bad Kitty for the first time, I apparently caught his eye as he invited me round to his for a massage. Now a massage sounded simply amazing but I don’t make it a habit to go around unescorted to someone I just met’s house. He seemed trustworthy enough but if I was going to go out there I had to lay down some ground rules so I exercised my right to say no.

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#WickedWednesday Of peace, vampire gloves and love

Today’s Wicked Wednesday prompt is: Peace

In the evening when I am blissfully located in the same place as my beloved Bad Kitty, my mind swims with possibilities. I am very much a night person so visions of giving him a blow job or getting out the violet wand for some electroplay or just having a lovely bit of sex cross my mind.

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