#Sinful Sunday- Kinky Drinkies

This past week I found myself in Baltimore for a convention with a friend and therefore found it very difficult to be properly sinful. That didn’t keep me from finding fun that was Kinky and X-rated though.



If I’m being honest, I’ll just stick to my Malidew and Malibu/Cola drinks. Even if I do love a bit of kink, I can’t stand vodka. Oh and I picked up a uniform while I was out so be sure to stay tuned to see that at some point.

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#SinfulSunday Marking His Bunny

This week for Sinful Sunday I am missing my other half, my Bad Kitty. This evening I was looking at some of the pictures we took during our time together.

This picture was taken early on in my visit. One of the things that makes me a bit anxious when we are apart is that I don’t feel like I am his significant other in the same way I do when we are together and he holds my hand when we are out, or snuggles with me on the train, couch, tube, etc. To help break down this distance a bit, I asked him to own me, not as a d/s relationship but to just take me as his because I will always be his.

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#SinfulSunday Rhapsody in Blue

This week’s sinful Sunday image is one I sent of the lovely lingerie I had purchased. I enticed my Bad Kitty with photos and then two days ago I put it on while I gave him a blow job. He untied the back of it so quickly it made my head spin :) What a lovely memory for my lovely little blue bit of scandal.

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#SinfulSunday Mmm it’s Penguin Time!

This week’s Sinful Sunday image is my sketches of penguins (with some warm up sketches of other animals on the side). Why penguins? Well recently it was revealed that original research on penguins showed that they were extremely kinky little birds but the saucy sex lives were covered up by the main zoological powers at the time. Plus this week I got word that I will be visiting my Bad Kitty in London for our fast approaching 1st anniversary. While I am in London, I plan (if he will let me) on using the violet wand to draw a penguin on my Bad Kitty’s back.

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